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Turn any Dispensing System info Nitro with NIM!

With the Micro Matic Nitrogen Infusion Module (NIM) you can turn a standard beverage dispensing system into a nitro coffee system.


Witness a captivating in-store display as your beverage counter skillfully infuses nitrogen and present our delightful nitro cold brew.

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Cold Brew Dispenser Nitrogen Gas Infusion Module (NIM)

Create a nitro cold brew dispenser and serve consistent nitro cold brew or variety of drinks, with our Cold Brew Dispenser Nitrogen Gas Infusion Module (NIM). Use with ready-to-drink (RTD) kegs or brew your own and store it in a Beverage Tank™ or corny keg.

Easy Install onto any Draft System

Introducing the complete Nitro Cold Brew Coffee On Tap equipment line up from Micro Matic. You can’t charge premium prices if you don’t serve a premium product – consistently. Since nitrogen is 80 times less soluble than CO2, it’s difficult to infuse into a liquid. Other systems try to use carbonating tanks and stones to infuse nitrogen. However, this approach delivers inconsistent results, requires significant preparation, and extends system recovery time between pours.

Our NSF certified, revolutionary technology infuses nitrogen instantly, with no volume limitations. Pour as many servings as you like, as fast as you possibly can, with no deviation in quality leaving the competition feeling flat.

Self Contained Nitro Station


This cutting-edge nitro coffee dispenser adds more variety to your coffee shop or café. The Americano is a fully NSF-certified, plug-and-play dispenser that comes in two sizes depending on your space needs. It features our patented interior-mounted Nitrogen Infusion Module (NIM), which nitrogenates consistent cold brew by the glass.

Nitrogen Infusion Module (NIM) by Micro Matic

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